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Wanted: 1941/1942 Chrysler or DeSoto 16" Rims

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I'm looking for a set of four or five stock wheels from a 1941 or 1942 Chrysler six cylinder car or DeSoto. These would be the standard factory 16" steel rims. I'm in Southern California, but willing to travel within Western states to pick them up. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Dave, The postwar wheels are different, but thanks for asking. From 1946 on Chrysler products used 15" wheels, except for early postwar Plymouths that still had 16" wheels, although they are different and made to be used with smaller tires. From my research using part numbers, it appears that only wheels from 1941/42 Chrysler 6 cyl cars and 1941/42 DeSotos would be correct. Thanks again, Jim

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