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1947 Ford Woodie Hardware

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Does anyone know of a source that lists/shows all the brackets needed for the wood part of a 47 Ford Woodie? I recently bought one and naturally pretty much all the wood is rotted off. Pieces of wood with brackets still on them were in the car as was some in a box. I believe all the parts are there, but would like have a list or picture diagram to compare. I want to be able to get any missing parts before I start restoration. I believe the 2nd seat is original, and as with most, the 3rd seat is missing. thank you

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How about photos of the brackets, or are you looking for exact measurements to reproduce them?

I just bought a 47 Ford Woodie Wagon. as with most the metal is great, however pretty much all the wood is gone. inside was all the brackets, etc... I was looking to see if anyone has a picture of all the brackets, pulls, etc, so I can make sure I have all the brackets prior to getting the wood done. thank you for your reply. Ron

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I'm on vacation at the moment..When I get back ill look up what I have ..but I think I have a print out of the parts and numbers...Carl!

thank you Carl. I also need a picture of the correct spare tire cover. The one that came with the car is a 36 (really nice shape too). I'll be leaving on vacation within the next 2 weeks traveling around this once great country for about 3 or 4 weeks. I will be online while I'm gone though. Ron

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