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For Sale 1930 Buick parts

Guest brass2

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Guest brass2

for sale 1930 Buick series 40 parts. Some will also fit series 50 and 1929 series 30.

Rear axle including wheels and torque tube,front axle with wheels, doors, cylinder head, crankcase and crank shaft, transmission,steering box, tire rims, some body parts, nos head gaskets,

(440) 286-1876 Ohio

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Guest ekalajian

Hello could you possibly post or email me a picture of the rear axle ,I'm am trying to identify a rear axle that was fitted into my grandfather's 29 olds and I believe it is a 30 Buick rear

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Are these all still for sale now?  The original posting date was 2013???


If they are, I might be interested in the front wheels and/or the trunk rack shown in the photos (if they fit a 1929 20-series)

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On November 30, 2016 at 10:25 AM, tdpole1 said:

Would you be willing to sell the speedometer cable and transmission attachment/gear drive?  what shape is the speedo cable in ? rusted badly or kinked up?





35 minutes ago, tom benson said:

Do you still have the transmission?  I need a 26 transmission, (bad 2nd gear.)

Tom Benson 530 200-8365


4 hours ago, SergioD said:

Hi, do you have any part of the steering wheel controls?, hubcaps for this model?, fuel gauge?, thank you!


 This ad is pretty old but I see he has been back on a few months ago, are you guys getting any response.? I would suggest pming also

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