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Medium blue loop cut carpet set - fits 1957 and 1958 4-dr hardtop Super or Roadmaster


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I have a brand new, unused, carpet set that will fit a 1957 (or 1958) 4-door hardtop Super or Roadmaster.

It was ordered for my 1957 Roadmaster from Auto Custom Carpets, Inc., but it's a loop cut rather than a pile cut, and I wanted the original style pile cut carpeting, which I purchased from another supplier. Unfortunately, the shop that bought the carpet for me couldn't return it (or didn't really try), and I got stuck paying them $225 for it.

I want $150 for the carpet set, plus shipping costs; or you can pay just $150 and pick it up if you're near Washington, DC. Another option is paying me $150 and meeting me at the BCA Nationals in Southbend to pick it up.

PM me if you're interested.










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Guest 58buickranch

Yes I'll take it. Iam going to south bend and can purchase it from you there. I am the Colorado Buick Ranch. Thanks Frank

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