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Fluid Drive how to drain

Guest hiyudon

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Guest hiyudon

Hello All:

I asked earlier how to drain a fluid drive car, and received no answers. Thought I'd try again. I see the plug and how to remove the plug, but when one rotates the engine so the plug is aiming down, won't this create a mess inside the bellhousing as it's turning down?

All help appreciated.


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There should be an access plate on the bottom of the bellhousing. Remove the plate and turn the engine till the plug on the Fluid Drive comes to the bottom. Now you can remove the plug and drain the oil.

Put the plug back in, turn the engine till the plug lines up with the fill hole in the floor boards. Stuff a rag around the hole, remove the plug, and fill with TDH Tractor fluid, ISO 22 or 32 grade. Or 10 motor oil. Complete drain and fill takes about 10 1/2 quarts.

By the way Chrysler never recommended changing the fluid at all. However I don't think they expected them to still be in service after 70 years.

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