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Tachometer questions


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I'd like to add a tachometer to my 37 Pontiac Deluxe 6 Touring Sedan. I prefer to keep the car as close to original as possible but I've always had a tach in my vehicles. I'd like to keep it small, like the 2" types. I'm not talking about the tachs that require a sending unit just the simple connection type to the battery and coil. All I can find are the 12 volt versions. First question: Is this voltage just for the bulb in the unit? Will these 12v tachs operate on 6 volts if you change the bulb since they're only sensing pulses from the coil?

Second question: Should I be looking for a tach range of 0-4000 or 0-6000 or 0-8000 rpm? The 37 Pontiac produces 85 brake-hp at 3520 rpm. So what rpm would I be running at, at say 60 mph? I guess the question should be what is the top rpm of this engine (223 cu.in., L-head, 6 cyl)?

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks

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