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Foundling for trade


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Am at a point where I really need to decide what to do. It has the potential for being a much nicer car than my DD but do I need two 'verts ? Before I decide to put on a dark red top to match the interior & have it painted code 10 thought I'd ask if anyone has an interesting trade ?

Something about the same size but with a/c or 'vert and a manual trans, maybe a FIAT 124 Spyder, Corvair Corsa, OHC-6 Firebird, or five speed Fiero GT. Studillac or Boston Beaney even. No projects please. Must be "interesting". For really odd will add cash.

Foundling can be driven anywhere as it is. Needs top, paint, a/c compressor. New BFGs on stock wheels. 113k miles. Reprogrammed to run cool.



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