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Air Vent Noise


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The "door" (flapper) on the right side cabin air vent on my '55 Century flaps when driving along. What I hear is a metal-on-metal noise. I can get rid of the noise by barely opening the flap (center control knob) to move it away from the base. I guess my real question is this. Is there supposed to be a rubber seal around the vent base so that when the flapper hits it you don't hear the metal-on-metal noise? Or is my flapper moving too freely and needs stiffening up?

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Yes, there is a piece of rubber that is sandwiched between two pieces of metal making up the flapper. If there is not a 1/4" piece of rubber around the circumference of the flapper, then you need to either:

A) Remove and repair what you have

B) Remove and replace with a better one (good luck)

C) Attempt to rig a stop gap measure

D) See if you can adjust it a little tighter

E) Continue driving with it partially open

Look over your options, and we can help proceed with your preferred choice.

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Mike, thanks for the information. I probably will just put up with it until the winter when I have numerous other things to do to the car too. Then I will try to repair what I have. Once I see what's what, then I can fabricate something that I hope will work.

Questions: Can you elaborate on what "piece of rubber" means? Is that foam rubber or solid? Does the 1/4" refer to how wide a strip of rubber is that goes around both sides of the circumference of the flapper, or how thick (if foam) the piece is? Is there somewhere on the Internet where there might be a picture or drawing?


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Here ya go Joe:

This is the flapper. The rubber is like weatherstrip material. (Foam rubber)


Here is a picture of the passenger side. It is obviously easier to get out when there is no interior or dashboard in the car ;)

You have to disconnect the control wire from the flapper. I don't think you need to disconnect the wire from the "grate". The flapper itself is spring loaded, so you pinch the spring and the flapper pops right out.

The two halves are spot welded, so you need to cut those out, then install the rubber or other material of your choice. I tried welding the two halves back together and ended up burning the material and had to start over. Pop rivets would probably work better.


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Guest btate

If your gasket is missing, seems you would have a lot of hot air circulating in the cabin. If the rubber is not missing check the cable anchor clip at the damper blade and be sure it is adjusted correctly. an easy check and easy fix, if that is the case. the damper blade has spring clips that push inward and can be removed. fixing the rubber will be harder since the plates are thick and heavy duty crimp connectors. The crimps would have to be drilled out and either screwed or bolted back together, could be welded or even re-crimped if you have the tools. Bill

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