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1929 Chevy AC international Coupe for sale in MA ... project .$7,000

Guest snoopy456

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Guest snoopy456

I have a 1929 Chevy AC that I bought as a project car. Life happened and the project didn't :)

Anyway, time to let go. So here are the basic details.

Car is located in Plymouth MA. I never got a title on it. I have the bill of Sale and some paperwork from the previous owner so getting a title should not be an issue.

Pros: It's original with no modifications. It did run but I haven't started it in a year. Mechanically it should be sound. Mileage is low according to the odometer 37K but I wouldn't place any bets that it is true or not.

2 Door Coupe, 6 Cylinder.

Cons: It's original with no modifications :) Probably needs a new battery although I did disconnect it. All fabric on the interior and roof needs to be restored, new rubber around windows, new tires, chrome

restored, body painted, wood needs to be replaced on the door jams and roof etc.

History: I have had it for about 6 years. The guy I bought it off in Hanson, MA had it about 30 years plus if memory serves. I'll be talking with him this week to jog my memory on the rest of the history.

I would prefer not to sell it to someone who is going to chop it up and put flames on the doors :)

Email me at snoopy456 @ me.com

Thanks for looking












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