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I dropped my convertible off for a little work today. Now, if you've read ANY of my stuff you know not just anyone gets to work on the cars.

So here is my mechanic's daily driver:


He knows I don't want my cars on two post lifts so the drive on gave me a good view of the stiffeners:

post-46237-14314193732_thumb.jpg That vertical one is a 3/4" plate. I figure John D will like seeing them. And the top up:


So then, like any true car guy, I forced the family on a wind blown ride, but I fed them!






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I just replaced the tires and put four NOS wheels on it. The rear struts are new and we checked all the subframe bushings when the engine and transmission were rebuilt. The car drives smooth and quiet. There is no cowl shudder like some convertibles I have had.

The doors are long and feel quite heavy. They close fine and don't sag. The car shows 51,000 miles and I have no doubt it is correct.

I would like to find more history. The car appeared about 5 years ago in Round Lake, Il. I know it went out the dealer's door as a lease and spent its life near Round Lake.

Outside of a slow window I need to fix and some cosmetics I'm close to being happy. It is a good conversion and has a few niceties my Hess & Eisenhardt '82 Eldorado didn't have.


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