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Cross Country Trip Take-a-Longs


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OK, so the Connie is starting reliably, now. Then, water pump left side started leaking from the shaft. Since I didn't restore her, I have to assume everything else is likely needing attention, also. A fuel pump comes to mind, so I'll get one and put it on, too before embarking on the 1800 mile trip with my kids.

So far, this is what I've done, or had done to prepare:

1. right rear wheel bearing and seal replaced due to leaking

2. OD solonoid replaced and OD tested and in working order

3. front spring center mount rubber replaced

4. radiator core replaced and tanks re-welded and now are sound

5. new hoses and belt

6. five new tires

7. NOS starter

8. new battery

9. new 0 ga copper wire from battery to relay to starter and cut-off switch installed

10 new ground strap

11 all new fluids

12 two new water pumps

13 new fuel pump

14 wheel alignment

15 outside rear mirror installed

16 correct oil bath air filter installed

17 repaired fuel gauge

18 repaired gear in windshield wiper mechanism

19 ????

what else should I anticipate replacing now rather than on the road without having to pull the engine?

I know, I should pull the engine, but that's one chance I'll take. However, if there is anything else that is relatively easy to fit that could fail, let me know, please.



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Fuel pump ..bring spare or install aux electric Spare ign coil and your should be rebuilt before you go. skip Haney ford coil builder..google him

Gonna put a new fuel pump on before I go. I'll look for a local coil as well. Trying to get going this Wed (I am 2 weeks and 2 days late, already) so won't have time to get one from Skip.

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