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Horn Relay 6v nos Ford, GM, & More

Guest Rustygold

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Guest Rustygold

Horn Relay nos Ideal 3011 the catalouge states correct for the folling cars- Ford 46-55, Corvette 53-54, Thunderbird 55, Buick 40-53, Chevy 40-54, Chry 41-42, Dodge 40-42, Henry J 51-54, Kaiser 51-56, Linc 49-55, Merc 46-55, Nash 42-55, Olds 40-42, Packard 46-54, Ply 40-42, Pont 40-54, Stude 46-55, Willeys 40-62, Caddy 40-52. Can email pics. $49.95 plus mailing cost. US money order kepinpa@hotmail.com :)

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