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Sterling (Marine Engine M'f'r) Engines In Cars/Trucks/Etc??

Bud Tierney

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In the course of digging around on a Sterling 4cyl---Sterling, a highly successful marine/industrial engine builder, apparently only made peripheral penetration of the car etc market--I wondered if any of the assembled car builders who passed off engines as their own actually used Sterlings...

Eyeballing a couple old catalogs and my notes from my edition of the Std Cat and Mroz's truck book I find models of the Brill Rlwy Car, the apparently non-existant Haseltine car, the Howard, Monroe, Scripps-Booth and Standard cars, and models of Coleman and Stewart trucks listed with Sterlings. I'm eyeballing other catalogs, and more names may show up.

Does anyone here, just off the top of your collective heads, know of any other car/truck/tractor etc vehicles using Sterling engines, whether openly or passed off as someone else's engine, or of any online fairly comprehensive Sterling engine history???

Any comments appreciated!! Many thxx!! Bud

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