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Replacement Speakers

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My rear speakers seem to be shot. I took one of them out. It has a hole in in. I cleaned it up but it still doesn't sound right. Is there an aftermarker speaker that I can use? If not, where could I find them?

I knew nothing about Chrysler speakers before I found this link Chrysler Infinity speakers and speaker repair and I've learned plenty since. I got the speakers for my doors out of a mini van dash, had to cut the tweeter wires to make them sound right with the system, these things are old enough that you will probably have to go to a U-pull yard and there are a lot more bad amplifiers than there are bad speakers so pick a pair that looks good and moving the on board amp is an easy job when your speakers are made to hold them. If you can't find what you need you can get aftermarket to fit and move the amps to work with the system, print the specs from the link and take them with.

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Are TC and LeBaron speakers the same?

Maybe.........LeBarons were all wired for, but not all came with the premium sound system. On the bright side, if you find a Lebaron convertible in a yard the rear speakers are very easy to remove top up or down and a perfect fit.

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