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Name the headlight bucket ????

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These are the headlight buckets off my 1928 (the shining one) and 1930 (rusted one) Dodge Bros trucks.

I believe the 1928 one is similar to the one used on late 20's cars. The one off the 1930 is a bit of a challenge to determine. The rim band has a streamlined top piece on the 1930's one. It also has a more streamlined shape.

I believe the 1930 bucket was not a replacement but part of the original truck. The mounting bracket is the same as the 1928.

The 1930 truck a later production truck. Dodge was using parts that were available at the Stockton assembly plant.

Any ideas that the 1930 bucket would be a match?




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Guest 1930

The shiny one is similar to buckets used prior to 28, the rusty one does not look like any bucket I am familiar with on auto because of the lens ring

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