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Hello Everyone

I am in the process of restoring a 1950 buick special 2dr jetback. All of a sudden I get no action from starter and no action from the plunger. I had order a replacement starter and solenoid. Whhen I recieved the piece it was from a 51 or later because the starter relay switch is not connected to the soleniod. I am looking for a way to either 1. test original starter to find out what is wrong. 2. Just buy a relay switch and add on. 3. find another 50 starter. I dont know if its the switch, the starter, or the solenoid itself. Any ideas or input would be great.

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First jump the two wires on the carburetor. Usually the problem is dirty contacts in the switch on the starter. If you hear a faint clicking when you short the two starter wires together then check the small relay under the cover of the starter relay, the contact points on the relay may be dirty. If you hear a a bit louder clicking, it may be burned or arced contacts on the main relay.

Bobs Automobilia can repair these starter relays if the issue lays there. 805-343-2963


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Hi Devil!

Bill is right, I attach some pictures that I've foun of a starter and a carburetor (I hope those elements be the one's of your car).

>About of jumping the carburetor you have to remove both terminals of the carburetor or use a wire to join the same terminals if you don't wnat to remove them.

>I've marked it with red lines. Be careful when you jump the terminals because it may be an electric arc. you can disconnect the battery, jump the wires and reconnect again.

If you want to test the carburetor switch, just tell me.


About the sarter, if you have a set of boost cables (used when you need to boost yor battery from other car) you can connect the positive to the contact that is marked with a green arrow in the picture.

Always beware of the electric arc again (but don't be affraid of).

>With this you test the operation of the motor of the starter.

It will spin but will not move the plunger.

>For testing the solenoid you have to connect a positive wire (directly from the battery, but not the booster cable) to one of the small terminals. I don't know wich one (the gray or the yellow in the picture), but I suppouse it have to be marked with a "+" sign. With this you test the solenoid (it should operate the plunger) and the electric motor (it should spin).

>If no spin or no actuate the plunger, the solenoid is deffective and you have to replace it. If it spins or actuate the plunger, your starter is ok. If don't, you have to test the starter relay (I don't know where is it)



I hope this is useful to you. Tell us about your progress.


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Thanks so much for laying this out for me. I believe the starter relay is connected to the solenoid and then after 1950 they separated the two. I will keep ya'll posted on the progress.

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