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'56 Lead Sled

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Posting this CL ad more for prompting conversation than as a for sale ad.

I think this may be still another case of someone getting to this point of a custom job before looking into prices of custom glass, in this case mainly the front windshield. Not sure how well done the body work was done on this car but there is surely the asking price in the amount of labor done to it so far. My favorite treatment to these '56 roof lines is the a swap out to a choppped 57 3 window roof. I am thinking someone here did that?


This car is straight, engine turns by hand Carb not hooked up. No glass no interior. No title (can help you get one). Original nailhead motor. 7" chop. Trades welcome. No scamers. Will not answer generic texts. 575-312-ten60. Would trade for a older but clean RV. trailer. camper. or older running truck or car. IF you have a running car older than 1979 i might like it.



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For the conversation sake . There are very few completed and really well done customs. They take an extraordinary amount of time , planning and money to do right. Customs are one of the most personal car builds that can be done . They reflect the style and personality of the owner and when completed, can be difficult to sell .

This Buick is not a well thought out custom . It lacks vision and appears to be something done to kill time in the garage . I don't think the cost of the windshield was the primary reason for the sale . This can be done for $750.00 to $1500.00 depending on if its done by a knowledgeable glass shop or by oneself . I believe he found out how much work and expense is involved .

In 2011 the Grand National Roadster Show in LA had an event within the Show named " Customs Then and Now " . This gathering assembled around 75 noteable historic customs from the late 30's to the mid 60's . It was quite an interesting event as you could physically see the evolution of the custom over several decades . Here is a link to Rik Hovings post on this historic event .

Customs GNRS 2011 The Customs Then & Now Show... my story. - THE H.A.M.B.

Rik had a problem with his photo hosting site and all images may not appear.

this link is to his hosting site


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This Buick is not a well thought out custom . It lacks vision and appears to be something done to kill time in the garage .

yea, the skull in the grille ornament sorta tipped me off to that. Thanks for your input, I agree. Would one be more correct in referring to this as a rat rod? I have never really understood just what a 'rat rod' is.

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I have a deep love of old cars especially traditional customs and hot rods . This Buick is not what I would call a custom or a rat rod . Its maybe a parts car at best. I don't mean to be harsh in what I say just realistic . When I see things like the skulls and the flat black paint it tells me the person that is doing the modification is following trends ( which usually go out of style quickly ) and is at the early part of learning about automotive design , engineering and repair . These are the individuals that need our help in learning about the evolution of the automotive industry .

Like the old fiddle tunes that were handed down from person to person , the next fiddler has their own interpetation of the old song . I just hope it still stays true to the original melody. .

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