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Ford Econoline in Production Class @ Carlisle

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First of all, congratulations to Mr. Landis, the owner of the '88 Ford Econoline at the recent Carlisle Spring Meet, on your First Junior award. What a beautiful ORIGINAL vehicle. For the purpose of discussion, what criteria lead to this vehicle to be placed in Class 27, Production vehicles 1988? One typically expects to find automobiles in this class. The Econoline, even the passenger version as this was, is based on the commercial work-related Econoline. Earlier Chevrolet Suburbans through the '60's are also based on the commercial chassis, and have been placed in the appropriate Commercial Vehicle class 22 (Until recently, where later ones are considered Sport Utilities). Does it follow because VW Transporters & Willys Station Wagons are placed in the appropriate Production (automobile) Class? The lone Plymouth Voyager Minivan present at Carlisle falls into Production as it is based on the K-car automobile, as an alternative to the familiar station wagon. Again, it was a beautiful and deserving vehicle. Anyone have an opinion and care to discuss?

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