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1937 Pontiac manifold heat riser

Guest PetePontiac

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Guest PetePontiac

As the manifold heats up when the engine is first started, at what temperature should the heat riser manifold deflector butterfly open so that exhaust no longer is deflected to warm

the heat riser tube ?

How do you check the heat temperature at which it opens ?

I am using an 8 coil thermostatic spring that is correct for 1940-1956 Buick's.

It does operate the butterfly valve, but I don't know the temperature I need or how

to test for it ?

thanks for your help.

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Guest bofusmosby

On my 37 Pontiac, the parts you mention are gone on mine. Both the spring and counter-weight are missing. I have done a lot of reading about this, and I have been told that even if the correct parts can't be found, if it is operationable (with the wrong parts), it is much better than not. Of course I live down in Florida, so it's not that important. Now, where you live it is probably a different story.

I will be keeping track of this subject for my own interest. Never heard a temp reading on the before.

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