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Model A Tool Set


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I have what I believe is a complete set of tools for the Model A. I am curious as to what they may be worth, and who might be interested in owning them.

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When refering to Model a tools, there can be two different ways of describing a complete set.<P>Some people refer to a complete set as the tools that were contained in a pouch under the seat... the most commonly seen tools such as wrenches.. screwdriver..plyers...etc.<P>Others refer to a complete set as the tools in the tool pouch plus the tire pump ...jack.. jack handle.. grease gun tire iron.. and some others. <P>You are talking roughly a $400.00 difference between the two "complete sets", depending on condition. A set of tools in a pouch can be found at Fall Hershey for about $120.00 or so while I have seen tool sets with jack, tire pump, etc go for up to around $600.00 or more.<P>Some tools, such as jacks varied during the different years and even within a year. For example, a 1929 jack is different from a 1931, and various jacks may have been used in 1931 depending if it is an early or late production car.<P>Jim Mason has a page on tools. It does not include prices but contains lots of good pictures on corect tools. It is located at :<BR> <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/jim_mason_49913/tools.html." TARGET=_blank>www.geocities.com/jim_mason_49913/tools.html.</A> <P>Gary Johnson is a MAFCA tool judge and has apparently consented to answer questions on Model A tools. His email is grj@ic.net.<p>[This message has been edited by BruceW (edited 01-22-2001).]

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