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6 blade fan


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I put a 6 bladed Hayden flex fan on my '40 LTD (320cid), last summer. E-bay cost was around $39.00.

However I had to cut about 1/2" off the back of the blades to clear the generator pully.

That along with boiling the radiator and doing the CLR flush has cured my overheating problems.

There are explicit instructions on how to hang the fan without buggering up the fins on the rad, as well as the other subjects mentioned here. Just do a forum search.

Mike in Colorado

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New 160 thermostat was put in, radiator seems to have good flow, I am pretty sure it is the timing it was set at about 8 btdc The manual I have calls for 4 but when I get it down to there it hardly runs and wants to back fire, dwell is right on 31

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