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What happenedm to the LZOC site?Need address for Linclon # info!

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Haven't been into the site for some time and find the new place kind of confusing but will learn I guess!After owning this 48 Convert for many years guess maybe time to get the build sheet for it.I know you can send for it but not sure where to find the address,I believe it was $20 for the info?My car has the body number on the title found the Vin down on the crossmember!I guess in those days they weren't so finicky about Vin numbers as have the title from 3 states going back nearly 40 years and always had the body # on title!Thanks!

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Write to the Benson Reaearch Center . PO Box 1970. Dearborn, Michigan. $20.00. Tell them you want a build sheet for your 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe with the VIN #. Your body number will be on the card. Probably take a couple of weeks.

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According to the Website (Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club), under "Frequently Asked Questions" --

Does the Zephyr Club have historical information on the ownership of these cars?clear.gif I'd like to know where my car was originally sold and who has owned it in the past.

No, the club doesn't have any of this information. clear.gifYou may be able to get some manufacturing and delivery information from the archives of the Ford Motor Company. clear.gifWe suggest you contact:

The Benson Ford Research Center

P.O. Box 1970

20900 Oakwood Blvd.

Dearborn, MI 48124

Telephone: clear.gif313-972-6070

Fax:clear.gif 313-982-6244

Email: clear.gifrescntr@hfmgv.org

The Museum holds the bulk of the early Ford historical records, 1903-1950.

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