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Disc brakes for the 48 Continental

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Spring is here getting out of storage then all these new ideas return!The drum brakes on these things were probably good in 48 but now not up to modern standards!I believe there are kits you can buy but guess they are expensive?Not sure where to find them either!Checked the kingpin for the early 70s ford P/U and the 48 have the same part number?I have heard that these P/U had disc brakes and could just install there spindle on the ford axle?Would then only have to change to a proper master cylinder!I would bet it isn't that simple!!!But I like the idea and cost would be lot less than the kit if it exists!ANy thoughts on this topic?Thanks!!

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Search this forum for disk brakes, you'll find several discussions. The easiest way seems to be to get a kit from Speedway or Summit, or other Ford provider. I'm still using drums, but replaced master cylinder with dual diaphragm power unit for some improvement. You need to get a remote fill kit as the hole in the floor no longer lines up.


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