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Hydraulic fluid for system?

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I am back to that old question of what to use in the window and top system.I still have brake fluid in mine and if I remember it is a hassle to switch over to transmission fluid.BUT have to replace both top lift cylinders as they are leaking so would be a good time to do it but as I said I think it isn't fun like you have to bleed everything etc? Appreciate your opinions on that!Thanks!

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Besides the Lincoln, I have a tractor with a loader and backhoe. Both systems use tractor hydraulic fluid from NAPA, so I put the Tractor Fluid in the Lincoln top cylinders and pump. No plugged lines from brake fluid, no smell or peeled paint from transmission fluid, works great. My NAPA store has it on the shelf. I didn't need to bleed much, but then I used a 1960 Lincoln top pump under the rear seat. More room under hood now too.


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