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I have a 32 olds, some people said it does not look like an Olds trans.and freewheeling unit. They thought maybe Buick or Cadillac, so if anyone can identify it, let me know. One member said, it looks like a later Olds, but wasn't for sure

when i got the car, it was in it and it worked, also it appears as if the case has been welded, also looks like a buick logo on the case






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The logo is the same one that is cast into my engine block and heads. It might be a specific Oakland transmission but it is not a Pontiac one for 29/30 as they mounted from inside the bell housing and did not have side mounts on the transmission (the rear motor mounts were on the flywheel housing). The 31/32 Pontiac transmission had side mounts like this but I think the tranny still mounted from inside the bell housing. Also 29/31 Pontiac transmissions had Chev housings with their bowtie logo but with different ratio gears because of the shorter stroke Pontiac engine and a different rear extention as they were Hotchkiss drive..<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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