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filling power steering


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My 1984 Riviera has got to be one of the most inconvinent things on this car. I dont check it as often as I should because it takes hands smaller than mine to check. It is located under the alternator and you have to reach between 2 belts to get the cap off. Adding fluid is another task that is not the most easy thing to do. If you have a Riv of this vintage give me some ideas to fill with out getting fluid over everything. Just looking for other Ideas, I am still looking for a funnell with a long flex neck the will make the S bend necessary

Any Ideas?


Chuck Kerls

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Guest wildcat465

Chuck, I like to put a hose on a turkey baster. Better control. Most folks using a long funnels end up putting too much fluid into what they are filling.

Then they need the turkey baster anyhow.

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Ok I told my wife I needed to borrow her turkey baster and if looks could hurt??????????


Keep that one for the garage and buy her a nice stainless one. It will make her happy and you'll have another tool for yourself. I went through borrowing a couple of times before making Linda happy. I enjoy my hobby and every Thanksgiving she's reminded of what a great guy I am when she uses that special baster.


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