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brake pump

Guest floyd dunster

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Since they were not serviceable units, there is little available. I have the service manuals for all year Reattas and you know not much is shown.

I also have "Know How" training manuals which explain the operation and diagnostics but no exploded views or repair info.

Your options are......go into it blind, find a used one at a salvage yard, I believe SIA* will sell you one (probably rebuilt), or buy a new one.

All the parts for the Teves unit comes from Germany and the prices are high because they pass thru several "middlemen" before we see them.

SIA rebuilds the Teves brake units. their info = 730 N Minnie St Tilden Il 62292 800-737-0915 Kevin was the "brake" guy a few years back. A 4 year old price for the pump was $305 The complete unit was $575

If anyone contacts them and gets updated prices and information, please post it here.

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