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Need new spring bushings for 37 Coupe Express

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Also try Dennis Dupont in Derry, NH. He has a bunch of old NOS stuff, and he has a '37 Commander. Email me if you need his phone number, but he is in the ASC and SDC directories. Dennis does not do email.

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I could get by with the lower rear bushings for the front and rear. the rest are not too bad.

Anyone know of where I could find some?


I stock many of these parts but I need part numbers to find them in the warehouse.

Robert Kapteyn

I am finally home after my heart attack scare and 3 week recuperation in California with my daughter and grandkids.

I have a long list of requests for parts built up but I feel good and ready to go to work again.

If anyone did not get a reply from me , please PM me .

My email address is studebaker (at) mac.com. (disguised to prevent spam mail)

replace the (at) with the sign.

Robert Kapteyn

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