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Inside rear view mirror replacement?


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Glass shops oftentimes won't cut mirrors for cars because there is a liability issue. Plus Day / Night mirrors are actually angled. I was able to beg a glass shop employee to cut one for a 55 I was doing because I said it wouldn't be driven enough to hurt anybody.

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Looked at the mirror on the Ebay auction and IMO this is a `67 or later mirror. Starting in `67 GM wrapped the outside edge of the rear view mirrors in a soft vinyl as a safety upgrade. Hard to tell from the pics but this looks like it may be a "safety" mirror,

Tom Mooney

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Guest 1963 Riviera
Probably the guy with the nicest-est used-est one.

Not only are you guys smart, but funny too.

Thanks for the light hearted humour as well as the great advice


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