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Car And Truck's For Sale About 200


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I Have Alot Of Part's <BR>These Are Some Of The Car's And Truck's <BR>May Have What You Need!<BR>1944 Ford Tow Truck 1 Ton<BR>1942 Ford 1\2 Ton Pu.<BR>1948 Ford Truck's 6 Total!<BR>1942 Ford Truck 3\4 Ton<BR>1935 Ford Truck 1 Ton<BR>1940 International 1 Ton Pu.<BR>1939 Plymoth Coup<BR>1947 Plymoth Sedan #2<BR>2 Door Plymoth Wagon<BR>1941 Nash<BR>1963 Fairlen<BR>1964 Fairlen<BR>1952 Studebaker<BR>1962 Nova<BR>1941 Pontac Coup<BR>1950 Mercury<BR>Hudsen<BR>1947 Mercury <BR>1948 Mercury<BR>1953 Cad No Motor\Trans<BR>4 Rambler's<BR>1972 Charger<BR>1964 Falcon's #4<BR>1947 Studebaker Complet!<BR>1964\1965 Dodge<BR>1954 Chevy 2 Door Sedan<BR>1965 Mustang Runs Good<BR>1964 1\2 Galixcy<BR>1949 Buick<BR>1947 Desoto Complet!<BR>1956 Pontic Star Chief Complete!<BR>1950 Kizer<BR>1954 Ford Crown Vic.<BR>1938 Plimoth<BR>1962 Nova Wagon<BR>1954\1955 Studebaker<BR>1956 Oldsmobile<BR>1956 Studbaker Wagon 2 Door!<BR>1949 Wower Wagon <BR>Most Complete Also Arizona Car's Have A Lot <BR>Of Door's Hood's Transmitions And Motor's<BR> Call Or Write 602-421-7669 Hillbillyauto@hotmail.com<P>

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Guest 1sweetnlow61

if you still have the car for sale. im in need of a front and rear bumper for a 56 olds. i have a 88 2 door sedan and the bumpers are really bad

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