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Identifing Windshield

Guest swhicks

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Guest swhicks

I recently cleaned out our old garage and came across a split windshield. I was inquiring as to whether someone could tell me what type of vehicle it originally came off of.

Themeasurements are as follows:<o:p></o>



40½” across top<o:p></o>

38½” across bottom<o:p></o>

10½” high (tall not at slant)<o:p></o>




38½” across top<o:p></o>

367/8” across bottom (straight across not measured in curve)<o:p></o>

67/8” tall<o:p></o>


Thesemeasure may not be exact but very close. There is part of the rubbergasket on the bottom glass. The glass is very thick.

If you would like to email me directly please send to swhicks1@msn.com

Any assistance would be appreciated.





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