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Decoding 1950 Dodge Coronet Build Card.....

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I have a 1950 Dodge Coronet 4 door sedan 230 that I am currently restoring. I would like to make this car as original as possible. So I acquired the cars build card. Chrysler said they do not have build sheets for the 1950 Dodges only the build cards. They also informed me that they do not have any way of decoding what is on the build card. So im hoping that someone knows how to decode these build cards. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I got my build card for my 28 truck. Looks a lot different then yours. It was all hand writing.

Your card looks like a computer type card. Maybe someone has a way to break the code. Hopefully someone will recognize the card.

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It would be a great service to the hobby if you would take on the project of deciphering the codes. Your build card is kind of hard to read, but a few items are obvious. All 1950 Dodge Meadowbrooks and Coronets were model D-34 so that explains the 34 in the model column. I think that the standard Coronet rear axle ratio was 3.90, except maybe for station wagons, so that one is explained also. As to the rest of the equipment, that has to be determined. I imagine the build cards were standardized for all makes of Chrysler products so some of the items may not apply. For example, I believe that the horn ring, cigar lighter, and stone shields were all standard on the Coronet (but not on the Meadowbrook and Wayfarer) so that may be why some of those boxes aren't checked.

Start by listing all of the equipment on your car and see if you can start to make connections.

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I believe I may know how to decode the Paint Codes on Build Cards the 1950 Dodges. I have actual paint swatches that were issued on a Service Bulletin issued April 15, 1950. My Wayfarer Roadster is currently painted LaPlata Blue (Paint Code 505). The inside of the trunk bears this out. My Build Card states the paint is "05." I feel confident that LaPlata Blue is the color my car was painted. The fact that all Dodge colors this year began with a "5," I would be lead to believe that the production plant simply used the last two digits of the paint code when filling out the Build Card. My Production Record from the Chrysler Historical Society says "Code N/A."

brooksfan62, if my hunch is right, then your car was Gypsy Green Metallic Code 522

Colors on the Service Bulletin are:

Dominion Blue Code 506

Nassau Beige Code 545

Burma Tan Metallic Code 546

Hunter Green Code 521

French Gray Code 536

Gypsy Green Metallic Code 522

Granite Gray Code 535

LaPlata Blue Code 505

Monarch Maroon Code 560

Island Green Code 520

Air Cruiser Red Code 562

Victoria Ivory Code 565 (convertible color only)

Cadet Red Code 561 (convertible color only)

St. Denis Gray Code 570 (Diplomat model only)

Samoa Beige Metallic Code 571 (Diplomat model only)

Iceland Stone Gray Code 572 (Diplomat model only)

Black Code 501

I am researching my data books and such to see if I can put some of the other pieces together, especially on the Accessories section.

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