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1939 Buick Limo not mine

Guest Hector

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1 of 16. Wonder if that is anywhere close to accurate. That would probably imply a division window 7 passenger. In this case, it's doubtful this one will be restored. Few folks are taking on such expensive time intensive and frustrating projects these days. That being said, I am always glad to see these rare pre war and some post war cars - still around as opposed to 95% of them which are not. Also, I always wonder aloud, if the car were free, would there be anyone that would restore it? I know some people would take it, some people would take anything that's free (ask my wife). But how many interested folks would take it free in order to dive into a restoration? Hope it finds a home. I would have tackled it 10-15 years ago but now I am too old.

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2000 bucks and you get +-$80,000 worth of work thrown in free. My grandfather told me something like that about buying a $2 marriage license;the return wasn't work, though- more like unrefined fertilizer.

I could see buying that car and just letting it sit in the back of the garage, shaped like a '39 Buick with no intention of ever completing it. Actually I just narrowly escaped buying a Lincoln convertible on those terms:

post-46237-14314193894_thumb.jpg Needs door alignment for show.

Over the years I have found that the day dreams, planning, and just sitting in a chair and enjoying the shape have a lot of value.

I don't have a project car since the old Jaguar went down the road. Feels like something is missing.




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