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My 58 Honors WWII Vets on Memorial Day


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Had to share this little story from yesterday.

My little town ( maybe 200 people) always does an old school

Memorial Day Ceremony that ends with a short march to the

cemetery, color guard, gun salute, and laying of wreaths.

Well this year they wanted livery for the Vets that couldn't walk the whole 3 blocks.

So, I volunteered the 58 Roadmaster 75. Flags on the bombsights on the fenders and everything!

Well, 5 WWII guys (2 with oxygen bottles and one with a walker) were delighted to get in!

We all fit quite comfortably and glad to report that my new rear springs kept the car remarkably level!

As we were idling down the street with all the marchers they were recalling all the old cars they had....

I suggested after the ceremony that we all go get a 6 pack and cruise for chicks .... They all thought that

would be fun & we all had a good laugh.

Really warmed my heart to give this guys a lift and take them back to the 50's for a while. Real heroes ....


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