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NOS Tailpipe for 1940 Buick, 50 and 70 series

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I have a new-old-stock (not aftermarket) Buick tailpipe for sale. It is Buick part number 1313030. My old Buick factory parts book indicates this tailpipe fits 1940 Buick, 50 and 70 series, all body styles.

The last photo shows the Buick part number actually embossed on the tailpipe (although it is difficult to read in the photo).

This genuine Buick tailpipe has never been used. However, it does have some surface rust from being in storage all these years. However, it is just surface rust. I think the pipe would clean up pretty well by simply rubbing it with steel wool.

The price for this NOS pipe is $90, plus the shipping. The reproduction vintage exhaust people charge $80 to $90 to make up a similar tailpipe. As we know, sometimes they fit correctly....and sometimes they don't! Also, a newly-bent pipe will NOT have the factory-original reduced inlet (for fitting inside your muffler outlet) or the angled outlet tip, and it will NOT have the embossed Buick part number at the rear of the tailpipe.

This tailpipe can be shipped via FedEx Ground, for a reasonable price. Thanks for looking. John<!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->






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