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Progress and parts needed

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Guest gdiwicker

Hey All,

Well a bit of time has pasted since I was able to focus on the 64. Between moving to Colorado, working on a new/old house and such Barbarella didn't get much attention. HOWEVER, the last few months have seen some progress. Here's the list:

Engine bay painted, engine pulled and rebuilt, engine painted, polished finned valve covers, vally pan, and air cleaner. Exhaust painted, chassis painted, brakes overhauled, interior pieces painted and dyed red, installed raamat sound and heat block, window fuzzies installed, chromed front and rear bumpers, new carpet, steering wheel professionally restored, new trunk cardboard

So I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I'm looking for a timing cover since mine broke upon removal. I've seen ta performance's and buickrodder on eBay. I want to either find a good original that I can chrome or polish or find a repop that would be close to the price of having an original shined up.

Any suggestions?

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