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Oldsmobile - might it be a 1946 or 1947...and which model

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This wonderful looking car was my Mom's first automobile. It's either a '46 or '47. Do you know which year it is and which model it might be?

The photo is taken in the driveway, at our house in the late 40s, in Bristol, Rhode Island. The car was likely purchased in a Boston-area Olds dealership.

It appears to be medium blue, or gray with a tan top.

Thanks for your help.

Jay M

AACA Member

Former owner of these great Olds:

1949 Olds 98 Futuramic Convertible

1970 Olds 442 coupe (My college car)


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your thoughts. The labeling of the picture was done by me....and since I'm unsure what year and model it is, the 1948 doesn't mean anything. It could be incorrect.

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I just joined the group That picture is darn small :-) I magnified it, and it is very likely a 1947 '66' or '76' Oldsmobile convertibel.

It is not a 1946, they had a wider, taller badge at the fender spear.
It is not a 1948, because they had a steel mudguard (shiny!), this one has the rubber.

I have a 1946 sea foam green convertible, btw








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