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Put new brakes my 37 dodge coupe, but it dont seem to stop that well ?? any ideas???

Guest 37 dodge coupe

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Guest 37 dodge coupe

I have all new shoes,wheel cyl,lines, master cyl, but it just does not seem to stop well? Should you be able to lock up brakes if you hit them hard? I purchased car not running so not sure what they are supposed to feel like. Pedal is a little spongy but not bad.. I did not turn the drums , could this make a huge diff.?

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Brakes should be able to "lock up".

Probable issues:

- Drums not turned for true. Yes. Can be a problem.

- Biggest issue is most likely shoe adjustment. There is a "Major Adjustment" where the anchors are adjusted (special tools required) and a "Minor Adjustment" where the mid-shoe adjusters are turned to push the tops of the shoes out.


- This is most likely air in the lines.

Be sure to do a search on this Forum. The subject of brake adjustment has been covered a few different times.

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When you filled the system are you using DOT-3, 4, or 5 fluid?

A thing to remember with DOT-5 is that you should handle it carefully, pour slowly and try not to shake it up as DOT-5 can tend to hold bubbles rather easily and not give them up easily. This can make it hard to bleed fully, causing a soft pedal.

This is not such a problem with DOT-3 or DOT-4.

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