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1928 Dodge Senior ,

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He is looking for a demountable rim for a wood wheel. I believe. But actual measurements are not the bast way to look for one, as most parts dealers want the technical size, which is width where the two beads touch the insides, and dia is to where the beads sit on.

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It is artillery wheel. The tyre on the rim says Eaton 600/650 x 19. The inside diameter of the rim is 18 inches. Outside diameter (flange to flange) is 20 and a 1/2 inches, outside flange to flange is 4 and a 1/4 inches wide. The inside between flanges is 3 and 1/16 inches. It is held on by 6 lugs. The wheel has 12 spokes. My 28 Senior manual on page 65 tells me the wheel has 10 heavy wood spokes and are held by 4 clamps.( liar) A note in pen on the back page says Tyres 32x600 balloon on 20 inch rims.(liar) May be the manual is not for my Senior 6, 4 door sedan. The number on the toe board is I S 26007. The metal stamp on the wood sill says 200 14699. The Engine # is S51641. What else can I say. The manual says UX-3 is the correct carb , but it will not bolt up. Studs (2 and 3/4) center to center too narrow. A note in pencil on page 43 says " have this one TX2 3996499". Am I missing something here ? .Thank you D.B. fellows. I welcome your comments and correction. No hard feelings. Cheers and have a nice day

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Early 1928 Senior 6 (domestic) used Stromberg type TX-2 (2 11/16 c-c) Stromberg number A-11082, DB number AB-200-328.

Late 1928 Senior 6 (domestic) used Stromberg type UX-3 (2 15/16 c-c) Stromberg number A-11943, DB number AB-202-219.

1928 Senior 6 (export - RHD) used Stromberg type UX-3 (2 15/16 c-c) Stromberg number A-12063 (Stromberg did not specify the DB number for this unit).

Perhaps there are other differences from early to late other than the carburetor??? One other obvious difference would be the intake manifold.

Not a DB specialist; however some other makes would specify starting serial number for owner's manual.


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