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FOR SALE: 1 Set of 4 1930 PACKARD Tumbler Glasses


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I have for sale One set of 4- 1930 Packard Tumbler Glasses. These are nice clear glass tumblers 4"H x 3"W with black Packard car and 1930 black Packard lettering on each one.I put up a white background for the main picture so the design would stand out against the clear.

Perfect for the Packard collector or his wife.Especially for one who is lucky enough to own the 1930 car.

$20.00 + shipping for the set of 4.

Sorry I can't ship internationally only to the continental U.S.





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Ron, I will buy the glasses, and sent you an Email.

If you are going to Gettysburg/Carlisle Region Meet, I can get them there, or will visit NJ 1st week of June



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