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FS: 1924 Packard Six disc wheels


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I have five of these wheels that I bought about 7 years ago that I no longer need. I paid $100 a piece for them, then spent $25 a piece having them sandblasted only to find out the rims were too far gone on three of them to use. The discs are in very good condition but the rims are mostly junk. The clamps are all pitted but two of them look useable. I have no illusions of getting my money back on these so make me an offer and they are yours. They probably aren't worth the money it would cost to box and ship them so plan on a drive to Livonia MI to pick them up.

The rims are 23" in diameter (not including lip), the center hole is 6" and the 5 bolt holes are on an 8" circle. Stamped in to the lip of the retainers is "Firestone 32 x 4 1/2". If these are not for a 226 and you have better info please let me know.

If interested please email me at tfee16811 at gmail.com







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