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Hey guys I've been reading through the forums since I stumbled across the site and have always found my answer until now, I need your help. I am trying to piece together an early dodge roadster and while I was scavenging through the not so local junk yard(I drove 2 hours one way) I came across these. Don't get mad that I had these torched off the frame because there wasn't much left. The only remains of this car were these leafs, the front section of the frame just past the cowl to the cross member with a partial serial number on it and the motor. The cowl and motor sitting on what was left of the frame were from a model A. I'm 95% positive it came off of a DB frame unless there is another company back then that had an identical frame. Part of the serial number was ground off so I couldn't read it but I'm guessing this is off of a very early touring, roadster or ??? around 1916, 1917 maybe. I have scoured the web trying to find info on these odd shocks but have not been able to come up with anything but just plain leaf springs with shackle mounts, so I turn to the pros. Any help would be appreciated. It looks like there is supposed to be a coil spring in the center opening from on side to the other but it's broke off. If anyone knows anything about them like what exactly did they come off of, did this come standard or aftermarket, how they work, are they functional or better without, length of the coil, etc. I would love to hear your input.



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I haven't either but l'm positive they were on a dodge frame. The whole set up bolts right on to the frame without modification and the leafs look like they are correct for DB's. I have not seen them on any old car. Any clues to what they could be off of if not DB? I'm really curious.

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