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Buick Rescue: 1965 Buick Special (updated with Pictures) (update2 now with price)


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Hey guys,

I got an odd phone call last nite from a guy who looked me up as "an old buick guy" He's got a 1965 Buick Special he's looking to sell.

I'm working on getting pictures, but here is what I know right now.

It's does NOT run, he thinks the PO took the distributor cap off to "tinker" with it and got over his head and couldn't put it back together. But he's fairly sure it's all there.

He said it's got some light body rust, I've asked him to take pictures from every side of the car, from the interior and under the hood.

He's located in Rockingham NC which is about an hour west of me, he didn't give me a price when I asked saying only "i just wanna see what I can get outta it"

I wish I had more info but I promised him I would ask since he doesn't want it to goto the crusher. If I find out more info I'll pass it along here. I did find out he just sold is 1970 Skylark all restored for 5k :( I wish he had called me sooner on that one.

If anyone is interested please PM me and I'll shoot you his number.

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The guy called me back and I told him i really needed a price to put out to the guys. He asked me what I thought and I told him that since it's not running and a 4 door he's looking at between 500-900 dollars max since someone would be taking a chance.

He didn't seem totally turned off to that.

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Guest loadmaster

Easily worth that as a parts car and I wonder what a Skylark GS guy would do for those fenders ???

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Wow, a low option car. No power steering, no power brakes, no A/C. Just the basics. The body looks very straight, maybe a rust issue around the windshields. The chrome and trim look nice, and the glass is all there, too. The interior looks very nice, from what we can see of it. The Wildcat 310 is the 300 cubic inch engine with a 2-barrell carbureator. Very easy to work on because the distributor is in the front and no accessories in the way. This looks like a fairly easy restoration and it would not take much to get it on the road again. The price is right, too.

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