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Yep! What Danny said. All the ether in it has escaped. They can be repaired!



Are these difficult to remove? I looked at the connection on the motor and am not sure how it's connected to the block. If the square nut is threaded or pressed in. Don't want to damage anything.

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The bulb in the head can be a real mongrel to get out but on the upside, it's already not working so you don't have to be quite so careful.

Remove the retaining nut and start applying WD40 or something similar. It should just pull out but will be held in by years of gunk and rust.

Just be patient and it will come out though it may take some time for it to loosen up.


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Although the gauges are nice, a well maintained cooling system is more reliable than a gauge. Don't run hoses and belts that are more that 10 years old (7 years is good), check the pulleys for wear and be sure the crank damper is OK, Open drain cocks to be sure rust and sediment isn't building up, change the coolant and flush (it could cost $50 to do it annually, what's you cat worth?), use a thermostat if the car came with one, if water drips from packing when the car sits it will probably draw air into the system when it is running.


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I want to thank you all for your help. Is there a photo somewhere showing this bulb out of the engine and where do I get it repaired? It was working fine until I had some work done under the dash.

Take a look at this restoration process. Go to the archive and view the entries beginning October 7, 2006 and continuing on October 14:

1936 Buick Special Restoration Project


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