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BDE Tour suggestion if coming from the north

Barney Eaton

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If you are traveling to Fredricksburg for the BDE tour next weekend, and coming from the Dallas area, I-35 appears to be the likely choice. I-35 is a good interstate but crowded.

An alternate route is to go to the west of I-35 and catch US 281 south. This is an excellant road and much if it is 4 lanes. The speed limit in most parts is 70 mph if you want to run that fast but if in an older Buick you can drive slower without getting run over. Once you get to the Dallas area, cut over to 281 via US 67 thru Cleburne and you intersect 281 at Hico TX (there are a couple antique shops and places to eat) Lampassas is another place to eat. Marble Falls has the Blubonnet Cafe on the east side of the road before you go over the river....good home cooking and plenty of pie options. When you reach Johnson City head west on 290 into Fredricksburg.

If you have any other questions about Central Texas we will try to help. Honk if you go thru Georgetown.....but we will be leaving Saturday morning ourselves.

See you in Fredricksburg.

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Good suggestion......29 takes you past the nesting eagles along the Llano river. There is some interesting rocks on Rt 16 south of Llano... granite stone formations in that area, you are in the Texas Hill country.

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The BDE tour ended Thursday and some members will not be home until Monday or Tuesday. It was great to have you in Texas. It appears we finished just in time. The news this a.m. says San Antonio has had 7" of rain. Remember those low water crossing with the rain gage? There is a good chance we would have needed to find another route.

The picture attached is from Monday our lunch stop at the "Tin Star Ranch"


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