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gearbox leak 1948 Chrysler w/Fluid Drive M6 Transmission

Guest roadmaster56

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Guest roadmaster56

I've got a leakat the rear of my gearbox; 48 New Yorker with Fluid Drive (see photo below)

The leak is not in the Fluid Drive unit, but the 4 speed gear box at the rear most housing, just ahead of the parking brake. This housing is made up of two pieces - one bolt on to another to make up the rear of the gear box. The leak is confined to the larger housing and gasket.

The oil collects at the bottom of the built in oil strainer and it leaks onto the parking brake/shoes.

I have removed the strainer cover and replaced the seal - and its not leaking.

Has anyone removed the rear housing? If so, what should I expect?

Are springs and things going to fly out or is this an easy job where the cover comes off and the new gasket goes on?


David in Santa Cruz.


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