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1953 skylark ground clearance

Guest buickhenry

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Guest buickhenry

[h=2]1953 skylark ground clearance[/h]

Recently I saw in an Aug. 01 Cars & Parts magazine that the 53' "s is 7". I knew that the Skylark was lower than the other models but I didn't how much. Is 7" correct?

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I would call 7" as being correct and wouldn't argue about a fraction of an inch. Note the lowest dimension: ground to lower crankcase of 6.92" on all Series 70 models, including the Skylark (Model 76X), in the attached info/Pic.

However, note also that all the clearance dimensions for the 50 Series are .22 inches (almost a 1/4") lower than the 70 Series. This could be attributed to the difference in OEM tire sizes: 7.60 x 15" on the 50 Series Models vs. 8.00 x 15" tires on the 70 Series Models.

The Skylark was the lowest in overall height of all 1953 Buick Models.

Does this help?


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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