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Sidedraft head to cylinder assy.


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Tom/Paul: when installing the head on the cylinders should the key graphite paste be smeared in the head recess/cyl protrusion as well as on both sides of the annealed copper gasket? Or should the paste be used on the gasket sides and anti-seize be used on the recess/protrusion. Believe I read that tightening should be done with both laying on the bench{trying for 45 '#?}. Thanks~~ Richard

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Hi Richard-

I use graphite paste on the gasket only. Nothing anywhere else.

Tightening by laying on the bench top and using a standard length wrench and hands and arms to try to keep all from rolling around may just get you to about 45 lbs


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Thanks to those who have pointed out to me that 45 ft/lbs is way too much for the 3/8NC studs. Sticking to the procedure of holding teh cylinder from rolling with one hand and tightening with the other and a standard wrench will not give 45, but likely closer to 30 or less, which is probably the max torque recommended.

Without installing helicoils in the exhaust side stud threads, even 30 can easily pull old threads out of the heads. If a cylinder head is off and has not been helicoiled, most feel it should be.


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