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HELP!!!! What carb do i have???????


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Found an old carburetor and cant seem to find anything about it anywhere. So I figured I would use the wonderful world of forums to find answers. Also came across some old guide fog lights and a Ford Twolite headlamp. Anyways back to the carb. Markings are as stated: Marvel Schebler Division Borg Warner Model # C-D-I-B . patent numbers 1536043 and 2050995. All help is greatly appreciated

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For the OP: The Marvel/Schebler CD-1B is probably Buick; there are other stamped numbers (sometimes exceptionally difficult to find) that would give an exact application.

As to the website referenced on how to identify a Schebler carburetor; there is much more incorrect than correct.

As examples, there are 3 numbered paragraphs on identification:

Paragraph 1 says to look for a round riveted tag. I have yet to see a round tag on a Marvel Schebler or Schebler. Rectangular tags and teardrop shaped tags were used. Not saying round was never used; but rectangular and teardrop were common.

Paragraph 2 says that a DLTX-5 identifies a Schebler D-Series carburetor. Actually this number identifies a type DLT carburetor. Schebler and Marvel Schebler numbers are in the form "type" "X" "number"; and are read as type "type" assembly number "number". Thus the referenced number would be read as type DLT assembly number 5 or DLTX-5 for short. The D-Series carburetors would be DX-number. A common D-series is DX-320 which was used on an Oliver.

Paragraph 3 is correct.

I have just started a new thread on carburetor identification.


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