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1934Dodge Ignition Switch Repair

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The coil on my 34 has been changed and the conduit cut off and wired to coil. The coil doesn't look too good, it is bulged out and tar has leaked some. It has a removable bracket so another could be used. The switch has the key in it but doesn't turn on. the first three pictures are of what was in the car and next two are of another assembly I have. It looks good but switch is different. The original coil is eroded severely where the coil wire went in and the second one had what I thought was a end of the coil wire stuck in it. After trying to pull it out I discovered it was threaded in the coil and I was able to unscrew it. The original one was made for something to screw in also but the coil wire was just inserted like another coil which probably was why the erosion. The original switch has no. 540 c on it the other has M.S.C.O. - E-6936 on it. I thought the second one was for a 35 ford. Did the dodges have coils like this or was wrong one put on it? Can switch have a key made so it will work? If the second one is correct for dodge can the original switch be attached to it or do I need to look for an entire set up? The second coil has writing on it and second part of writing looks like SPARK. After posting I remembered that the 35 ford has the coil built into distributor.






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